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Convocation Ceremony at Home

Conferring of an Honourary Degree of Dato Dr. Leslie Lam – A Milestone to be Cherished


My Conceptualising Moment: “I was the wedding planner for Dato Dr Leslie Lam’s daughter in 2008. So when I received a call from his secretary to come and see him in 2014, I was pretty happy to catch up with him, not knowing that he had something important he would like me to plan for him. He had been awarded the highest honours from The National University of Ireland – the Degree of Doctor of Medicine honoris causa. I was thrilled to be invited to be a part of making it happen.

I wanted to create for Dr Lam a grand representation of him as a host as well as a recipient. As usual, he trusted my creative vision.  It was an intimate event held in his home for the delegates from the university, the professors and the assigned VIPs. It was an event filled with so much warmth and joy for the faculty and the family. What tugged at my heart most was his speech which was filled with such grace and gratitude that I was reminded once again that humility is the way for greater success, and that your character marks your identity. Thank you, Dato Dr Lam for allowing us to be a part of your celebratory moments.”

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