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Diamond Jubilee-60th Birthday Celebration

The joy of me being a party planner is our clients grow with us, from their son or daughter’s wedding, to even their mum or husband’s birthday. This past year, we are so blessed to be given the opportunity to create some of the grandest birthdays, as well as intimate family celebrations. As the saying goes, “Memories made together last a Lifetime”, and I strongly believe that while we spend time working hard for our daily needs, we ought to spend even more time to create beautiful memories for our loved ones, especially when they are the ones who release us to do what we need to do at work.

This is a glimpse of a big birthday celebration we have done in our client’s home. It is never easy to create an event with existing fixed structure of a home, because we need to ensure whatever we need to install must be executed precisely, and most importantly, every precious furniture or art piece within a home is well taken care of. And as a Home Party Stylist, whenever I creating designs, I always aim to bring out the beauty of the space and enhance it with our creations, but never to alter the charm of it’s origin.  As we create the party concept, we always ensure our guests must be felt comfortable within the space and at the same time, enjoy the charm of the client’s coziness of a home. What matters to me most is : Our party is a reflection of style  of the Host in all the detailing.

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