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The Good Old Times  - 80th Birthday Party

I remembered clearly how our host, Richard first interviewed me. He was planning for his mum 80th Birthday, and he told me he would only has 30 guests but he needed to book the entire ballroom for this event. I was listening attentively to the inner desires of what he really was looking for. And finally he asked me that one simple question : I don’t really care how you will design the party, but I just need to know : will you treat my mum the same how you will treat yours?

And that was such an apt question to me, because at the same period, I have been taking care of my mum who has just suffered stroke months ago, so in my mind, I knew exactly what Richard was asking. He was not looking at the glitz or glamour, he was looking at the soul of the party – it is a party he wanted to bring joy to his mum, where she can be brought back to the good old times where all her favourites in life are rekindled.. and you bet we did. It was a big bash and yet intimate party for only 30 guests!

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